my grey Friday

I was supposed to attend electronics lecture this evening, but i was wait outside the class,,the reason , just because i was late,,Huhuhuuu,,,
This gonna be the first of our class with persentation in english,,i just don't wanna disturb the atmosphere  inside when i'm getting in. I really want to come in, but i couldn't,,

i post this, just for exercising my english,,i know its not good enough,,heheee,,,Let work hard!Ganmbatte..When everything now turn to english class, i wanna try to post in english starting now...Minna,,mouichido Ganmbatte,,,*<?-?>, i should be the one that working hard especially in writing english,,but the readers must be hard too,,reading my post here,,Lolhttp://www.emocutez.com*

Jya ne ~ ,~
be. Happy